Andrew George Henderson

Corporal 17100 Andrew George Henderson, 2nd Field Company Royal Engineers Andrew enlisted on 21st January 1908 and was serving in Cairo when war broke out. He was referenced by Mr T Rhodes of Huntington, York for whom he worked, presumably as a joiner as this was his role in the Royal Engineers. His parents were […]

John Baillie Barstow

JOHN BAILLIE BARSTOW (1872-1914)   John Barstow was the eldest son of Henry and Cecilia Barstow who lived at Hazelbush, in the village of Stockton-on-the-Forest, outside York.  There were six children altogether, four boys and two girls. Three of the four boys were officers in the British Army before the First World War. John was […]

First World War ancestors: Harry Kington’s story – an update (2016)

  First World War ancestors: Harry Kington’s story – an update (2016)   By Paul Gliddon, member of York Family History Society   My grandfather, Harry (Henry Arthur) Kington left notes and newspaper cuttings from his First World War service in the 12th Battalion, London Regiment.  I used these sources in an account of his […]

World War I – Experiences of Herbert Nicholson

Submitted by Audrey Nicholson, Membership no.1752. This is put together using a large number of letters sent by Herbert which came into Audrey’s possession quite recently. When war broke out in 1914, a lot of young men volunteered for the Army thinking the war would be over by Christmas. They suffered enormous losses, and 1915 did […]

First World War ancestors: the Kingtons of Woolwich, England

Submitted by Paul Gliddon, member of York Family History Society My grandfather and his two brothers, from the Kington family of Woolwich, England served in the First World War. They left various papers telling of their experiences before, during and after the war. These papers, followed up with other research, are used in the stories […]

Noel Lightfoot 1898 – 1918

Submitted by David Rawdon (YFHS Member No. 2041) Noel Lightfoot was his 1st cousin 2* removed. Noel’s father William is David’s 2* great uncle, the brother of his maternal great grandfather. Through his family history research David is in contact with Norman’s daughter Marjory in Canada. Noel Lightfoot was born on 25 December 1898 at […]

Thurstan Bassett Hugh Thomas-Peter 1895 – 1974

Submitted by Paul Thomas-Peter, this was prepared some time ago as part of the IHGS correspondence course. Thurstan Thomas-Peter was my paternal grandfather. I never met him or knew his name before embarking on tracing my family history. He lived in Canada for much of his life and my father rarely spoke of him. I have […]

William Henry (Harry) FEARN MM 1884 – 1953

Submitted by Janet Lea, William Henry (aka Harry) Fearn was her great uncle; her grandfather’s (Mark Eden Fearn) elder brother. William Henry known as Harry was born on 27 February 1884 in the Walmgate area, he was the son of Thomas Fearn and Hannah Oxberry March. Harry married Florence Gertrude Spence on the 22 June 1908 in York. […]

Horace James Jordan Hummel

Submitted by Mrs Vicky Furness. My Grandfather, Horace James Jordan Hummel, (Hartie) was born 24 May 1869 at Lewisham, Kent, the first of five children of Horace William Hummel and Ellen Lousia nee Cutting. Horace W was the third generation at least to keep a hosiery/outfitters shop, formerly on Conduit Stret and now at 6 […]

Joseph Edward Parsons MM 1886 – 1948

Submitted by Stan John My Grandfather, Joseph Edward Parsons, fought in the First World War and was awarded the Military Medal “For Bravery in the Field”. He survived the War, his brother George Henry was not so fortunate. He fought with the Durham Light Infantry and was killed on the Somme. He has no known […]