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members-onlyThose of you who have been rummaging around the website may have noticed that we have been setting up and testing a “Members Area”. The idea behind this is that we can make available documents and information to only members of the society via this website. Among the items that will be made available in this area will be the Society Journal, members will be given the option to opt out of receiving the journal by post which would save the society a considerable amount of money.

In order to gain access to this area of the website, members of the society will have to register giving their membership number. Once the membership secretary has checked the membership status the registration will be approved and access will be given to the members area.

We’ve just about finished the testing the security and the registration and approval process so if you are a member and would like to register please go to the members only page and click “Register”. There isn’t much there at the moment but over the next few months the area will expand.

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