York and District Family History Society Journal October 2013

I’m still testing this download mechanism and so can you!

The first file is the journal itself:
YFHS Journal - October 2013 (56 downloads)

The second file is the centre pages which contain the society’s items for sale and ordering information:
YFHS Journal October 2013 - Centre Pages (30 downloads)

The third file is the Sheriff Hutton pages that are usually at the end of the journal
YFHS Journal October 2013 - pages 85 & 86 (25 downloads)

If you could let me know of any problems, please email me at webmaster [at] yorkfamilyhistory.org.uk

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  1. Yvonne Clarke says:

    Yes, I’ve just read the October journal with no problems. Well done.

  2. Yvonne Clarke says:

    Just need to read the February one now!

  3. Pam Elliott says:

    LOL well some of us haven’t had time to go skiing !! ;>)

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