York and District Family History Society Journal October 2013

I’m still testing this download mechanism and so can you!

The first file is the journal itself:
YFHS Journal - October 2013 (56 downloads)

The second file is the centre pages which contain the society’s items for sale and ordering information:
YFHS Journal October 2013 - Centre Pages (67 downloads)

The third file is the Sheriff Hutton pages that are usually at the end of the journal
YFHS Journal October 2013 - pages 85 & 86 (62 downloads)

If you could let me know of any problems, please email me at webmaster [at] yorkfamilyhistory.org.uk

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  1. Yvonne Clarke says

    Yes, I’ve just read the October journal with no problems. Well done.

  2. Yvonne Clarke says

    Just need to read the February one now!

  3. Pam Elliott says

    LOL well some of us haven’t had time to go skiing !! ;>)

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