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To History Society secretaries and others: Please will you bring this to the attention of your members and others who may be interested?  Thanks!

We are planning a scientific-historical trail for York. This is partly for a big scientific-historical conference in York next April, but also for more general and longer-term use.

“What is ‘Science’?”, several people have asked me. (Nobody has asked “What is History?”!)

My answer is broad-brush: for me, science certainly includes all of STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics), and I am happy for it to be even broader than that. (Did you see the recent book on “Galileo’s Scientific Muses”? They included poetry, music and architecture. If these three muses are good enough for Galileo, they are certainly good enough for me!)

I would like to involve all York’s history groups in developing ideas for this trail to cover their particular geographic and/or thematic area, and we are setting up a working-group to develop this project.

An open discussion meeting is planned for 12 noon on Monday 5th December in or near Museum Gardens. Please tell your friends and put it in your diary!

The initial plan is to for the trail to zigzag round the city walls in a clockwise direction, starting and finish at the railway station. There will also be sections for places away from the town centre – maybe even as far afield as Castle Howard and Cayley’s flying exploits. It currently includes well-known places such as the following:

  • Cholera burial-ground
  • National Railway Museum
  • Treasurer’s House

which all have STEMM stories to tell. But we will also include lesser-known places & people such as Thomas Laycock and the People’s Dispensary.

Plans are still at an early stage. The first thing to do is to develop a list of possible points on the trail, along with a list of potential partner organisations and individuals. Please volunteer or let John Bibby have your nominations for both of these lists.

John can be contacted via or on 01904-330334.

Please forward this email to anybody who might be interested!   THANKS


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